Dwight Williams comes out of retirement to take a key role in the ITC extinguishment

Dwight Dwight Williams
By ANTON RIECHER/IFW EDITOR Rumors regarding the retirement of Dwight Williams, one of the leading figures in large-volume flammable liquid storage firefighting, have been greatly exaggerated if the March 20 th extinguishment of the massive Intercontinental Terminals Co. fire in Deer Park, TX is any indication. “Well, I guess I lied,” Williams said. Williams, who stepped down as head of Williams Fire and Hazard Control in September 2011, took a major role in the joint effort to put out the stubborn 64-hour blaze that spread through petrochemical products in and around 15 storage tanks and unleashed black smoke visible in satellite photographs stretching as far west as Austin. US FIRE PUMP ESTABLISHES ITSELF AS MAJOR INDUSTRIAL RESPONDER - CHECK OUT THE SPRING ISSUE OF IFW MAGAZINE He ranked the Deer Park emergency as among the worst in a career that includes the M/V Jupiter tanker fire in 1990 in Michigan, the...
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LyondellBasell brings ERT to Brayton Fire Training Field

LyondellBasell’s manufacturing holdings in Pasadena, Texas, is so vast an enterprise that the single corporate fire brigade covering the three separate plant sites requires two fire chiefs to operate. One of the two chiefs, or emergency response coordinators, serving LyondellBasell’s Bayport Complex in Pasadena is Co Deborde. The nickname “Co” stands for Cecil O’Neal. A 27-year employee at Bayport Complex, Deborde began as an operator serving on the fire brigade. “We were all trained in ERT response,” he said. In addition, Deborde became a volunteer with the local municipal department, serving 17 years before retiring. Deborde is responsible for the Bayport Choate plant, a 280-acre plant that produces propylene oxide, tertiary butyl alcohol, propylene glycol, propylene glycol ethers and tertiary butyl hyderoperoxide. His authority also covers the adjacent plant, Bayport Polymers, which manufactures material used in consumer products such as food containers, medical syringes and carpeting. The site also produces material...
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SS Chevron Hawaii OXEA fire chief boasts eventful career

  People usually mark the Labor Day weekend as the end of summer and a last chance to celebrate outdoors. Instead of a celebration, the outdoor event that Hugh Billings attended on Labor Day weekend in 1979 qualified as a conflagration – the explosion and fire aboard the SS Chevron Hawaii on the Houston ship channel.   Today, Billings is the Health, Safety and Operations Manager for the OXEA Corporation plant in Bay City, TX. In 1979, he was a Safety Specialist at Celanese Corporation in Houston and responded as a member of Channel Industries Mutual Aid (CIMA), the industrial mutual aid group protecting the ship channel.   “The biggest fire I ever went to was the chemical complex blast in Pasadena, Texas in 1989,” Billings said. “But the Chevron Hawaii was the most involved fire I ever fought in that you had a tank on fire as well as the...
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