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Firefighters in Poland keep warehouse fire in check

szaflary Marek Piotr Borkowsk
SZAFLARY, POLAND - Firefighters were able to contain a warehouse fire Thursday (Dec. 5) that threatened to spead to adjoining properties The warehouse, measuring 30 meters by 40 meters, was used for storing plastics. More than 30 fire brigades took part in the extinguishment.
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Russian electronics plant damaged by fire

verkhnyay_20191206-202642_1 NGZT.RU
VERKHNYAYA PYSHMA, RUSSIA - Fire swept through more than 400 square meters of an electronics factory Wednesday evening (Dec. 4) in eastern Russia. Fifty-eight responders armed with 20 special vehicles battled the blaze, government officlals report.  
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Fire in Ukraine destroys factory warehouse

poltava HB News
POLTAVA, UKRAINE - Fire broke out at a factory warehouse in central Ukraine Tuesday (Dec. 3). No injuries were reported. Forty firefighters labored to extinguish the fire which consumed nearly 1,500 square meters of warehouse space, HB News reports..
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Firefighters battle metals factory fire in Peru

VILLA EL SALVADOR, PERU - Six units of local firefighters were called to action Thursday morning (Dec. 5) when a fire at a metals plant threatened to spread to neighboring property. No injuries were reported in the blaze, RPP Noticias reports. 
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Dawn rises early at Dominican Republic plant

SantoDomingo Revista 110
SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Fire erupted at an industrial factory shortly before dawn Thursday (Dec. 5). The plan manufactures chemical and electronic goods, Revista 110 reports. Members of the Santo Domingo Fire Department responded to the scene.  
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Chilean factory explosion raises concern

MAIPU, CHILE - An explosion at a chemical plant Thursday (Dec. 5) injured one worker and released a strong odor throughout the community. Eight people have been admitted at a local hospital complaining of illness related to the fumes, El Desconcierto reports. One of the eight is a child. Firefighters arriving at the Clariant plant ordered an evacuation of nearby homes.   
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Peanut plant fire in Georgia destroys warehouse

DOUGLAS, GA - A fire at the world's largest peanut shelling plant Wednesday (Dec. 4) destroyed a warehouse containing 11 million pounds of peanuts. Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the single warehouse with no damage to the rest of the facility, AP reports. The warehouse had no sprinkler system. Premium Peanut annouced that production would resume on Thursday.  
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Fire consumes recycling plant in China

HUACHENG, CHINA - Fire broke out at a plastics recycling plant Friday (Dec. 6) in northeastern Guangdong province. A lack of water at the scene hindered efforts to extinguish the fire, reports. No injuries were reported.
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Seven-hour fire damages Japanese meat packing plant

NUAMZU, JAPAN - A seven-hour fire Tuesday (Dec. 3) damaged the production line at a meat packing plant in Shizuoka Prefecture. Production at the plant is suspended until further notice, Nikkei reports.  
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Flames smoke cigarette factory in Cambodia

kandal Khmer Times
KANDAL, CAMBODIA - Firefighters labored more than three hours to extinguish a fire that destroyed a cigarette factory Friday afternoon (Dec. 6). A large inventory of rolling paper made the fire difficult to deal with, the Khmer Times reports. No workers were injured in the blaze.      
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Explosion at Chinese fireworks factory kills seven

LIUYANG, CHINA - Sewven people were killed and 13 injured in an explosion at a fireworks factory Wednesday morning (Dec. 4) in central China. City officials told PTI that the factory was operating without the proper permits. All fireworks production citywide has been suspended until further notice.    
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UK packaging plant worker killed in equipment accident

BURNLEY, UK - A worker at a food packaging plant died Tuesday night (Dec. 3) after being trapped in machinery. An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive is underway, Food Manufacture magazine reports.  
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Fire at Siberian oil refinery extinguished without affecting production

OMSK, RUSSIA - A fire Thursday (Dec. 5) at oil producer Gazprom Neft's Siberian refinery has not affected production, the RIA news agency reports.
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Timber factory fire in Taiwan spreads to nearby homes

qingyuan ON.CC
QINGYUAN, TAIWAN - Fire from a burning lumber factory spread to three nearby residential buildings Thursday (Dec. 5). No casualties were reported. The flames also threatened three large oil tanks near the factory, ON.CC reports.  
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Arkansas town ordered to shelter-in-place during plant fire

bentonville KFSM
BENTONVILLE, AR - One person was injured when a massive fire broke out Wednesday afternoon (Dec. 4) at a northwest Arkansas plant making herbicide and insecticide. Of particular concern to firefighters was a storage tank containing 35,000 gallons of flammable difluoroethane, used as a propellant in aerosol sprays, KFSM reports. Firefighters were able to protect that tank but lost three others containing polystyrene beads. With the fire extinguished, the plant building remains intact with significant fire damage to the interior. During the fire, officials issued a smoke alert to the public based on the large amount of laminated plastic involved.      
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Fire threatens dust explosion at Spanish flour mill

Renedo Tribuna Valladolid
RENEDO, SPAIN - Firefighters from nearby Valladolid quickly responded when a smoldering fire was discovered in a flour mill Wednesday morning (Dec. 4). Flour dust suspended in air can be extremely explosive if ignited. Workers discovered smoke rising from a flour hopper and immediately reported the fire, Tribuna Valladolid reports.
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Brewery blast in Russia leaves one dead

PYATIGORSK, RUSSIA - An explosion in the production line at a private brewing company Thursday (Nov. 28) left one person dead. The explosion triggered a fire at the BP Surprise brewing company, the NR website reports. The cause of the blast is under investigation.   
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Blast at Portuguese explosives factory leaves one person dead

abrantes TVI
ABRANTES, PORTUGAL - An explosion at a pyrotechnic factory Tuesday (Dec. 3) in central Portugal left one person dead. The factory, GJR, manufactures fireworks and explosives, TVI reports. No specifics about the injuries involved were released.
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Fire at Texas gas plant leaves one injured

HENDERSON, TEXAS - Two compressors at a gas plant in northeast Texas caught fire Tuesday morning (Dec. 3), sending one employee to the hospital. The fire burned for nearly an hour before the gas remaining in the line was consumed, KETK reports.
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Fire razes Taiwanese foundry

taichung SETN
TAICHUNG, TAIWAN - Flames enveloped and destroyed a foundry in west Taiwan Wednesday afternoon. The foundry, which produced sheet iron, flooded the sky above the city with gray smoke, SETN reports. Flames were so fierce that firefighters could not enter the burning facility.
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