Swept Away

Wave of burning chemicals escaping Waxahachie, TX, industrial fire destroys tower ladder in less than five minutes.   For video of the Magnablend fire, CLICK HERE.   For video of the destroyed tower ladder, CLICK HERE.   As a news story, the disaster that befell a 162,000-square-foot chemical plant in Waxahachie, TX, might have remained local to the nearby Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex save for one factor – dramatic video of a tower ladder fire truck being consumed by flames in less than five minutes.   A rush of burning liquid suddenly swept through several open loading dock doors, spilling down an incline, said Waxahachie Fire Chief David Hudgins. The tower ladder was positioned at the bottom of the incline.   “The liquid just went under the truck and set it on fire,” Hudgins said.   Video from a news helicopter showing flames engulfing the truck made the national news and went...
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Shell visits Brayton

More than 150 industrial firefighters protecting Shell Oil Products and Motiva Enterprises oil and chemical production facilities gathered at the Brayton Fire Training Field in College Station, TX, the week of Feb. 5 for a joint corporate fire training school.   Shane Stuntz, emergency response coordinator for Motiva Enterprises in Convent, LA, said the firefighters finished the four-day course of live-fire training without a single injury.   Members of the Shell-Motiva fire protection team meet at Brayton three times a year. Brayton is the largest live-fire firefighter training facility in the United States with 22 full-size live-fire projects or props simulating various industrial settings.   The firefighters on hand for the February corporate school represented industrial facilities in the United States and Canada.      
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