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Aqua Blaster

Industrial Fire World has introduced our readers to innovations firefighters have developed to move their visions to realities for making firefighting safer.  Dwight Williams has patented over 52 of his inventions developed as a result of his analysis of incidents his team responded to and asked themselves “what if.” Javier invented Roll-n-Rack that has made loading and unloading hose faster and safer. How many times have you wished you had someone to hold a nozzle where you want it pointed so you could use your hands to close a valve or move something blocking your path?  You can do it now!  Ken Blocker has patented a new Aqua Blaster Fire Hose Carrier, (Patent#10,071,271).  His Fire Hose Carrier is a harness frame fire hose and nozzle combination that allows the end user of a charge fire hose to operate the fire hose and nozzle with less strain and stress on the body....
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How quickly and safely can your emergency response team remove injured personnel from a hazardous situation?  Time and responder safety are critical factors but having and knowing how to use tools designed to make rescue operations efficient and safe for the injured and responders are equally valuable.  Skedco has focused on designing rescue tools since 1981.  Recent focus on preparing our military personnel with rescue resources has application to many industrial rescue operations.  A major challenge in a mass casualty situation when a major event happens in an industrial setting is to facilitate safe removal of injured as quickly as possible.  Skedco has adapted their skid to be a decontaminated hazmat skid that can be used in three methods to effectively pull a large number of injured personnel to safety with limited numbers of emergency responders.  View the video and consider it’s potential for incidents in your facility and community.
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Foam is an essential firefighting resource and most pumpers carry both Class A and B. The challenge is to quickly and efficiently convert containers of foam solution to firefighting foam in the correct proportion to suppress whatever type of fire is involved. Proper proportioning saves foam and water while making fire suppression quicker. Sir William Osler, a founder of John Hopkins Hospital, maintained that the practice of medicine is an art, based on science. The same can be said of proportioning foam concentrate to extinguish fires. Today, electronics help master the weird alchemy of foam proportioning, but the cutting edge technology can be as mysterious as any witches’ brew devised by the foam formulators. Over the next five weeks this hot topic category will explore the latest foam proportioning resources available. Use this resource to share your questions for your benefit as well as your industrial emergency response colleagues’ benefit. FoamPro...
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