Dubai's Marina Torch Tower ablaze again

 Flames scorched a path up nearly two-thirds of Dubai’s 87-story Marina Torch Tower Friday in the spectacular repeat of a February 2015 blaze that swept along the exterior of the fifth tallest residential building in the world.
 That earlier fire earned the cover of the Spring 2015 issue of Industrial Fire World.
According to Dubai Civil Defence, the fire Friday broke out on the 26th floor shortly before 1 a.m. Dubai time. In slightly over an hour, the fire crept up 64 stories of the building’s exterior, damaging 38 apartments in the process. Interior damage was also reported on the 83rd and 84th floors.
Firefighters were able to evacuated 475 residents with no injuries reported, authorities said. No cause has been reported for the fire.
In the 2015 fire, an official with Dubai Civil Defense said evidence at the scene left little doubt that the building’s external finish or cladding helped spread the flames.
“The building’s external finish consists of panels made from two sheet of metal composite with an infill of combustible foam which exhibits rapid flames spread upon fire exposure,” said Lt. Col. Ali Almutawa, then DCD director of operations.
Authorities banned this particular cladding in 2011 after completion of the Marina Torch.On New Year’s Eve 2016, fire raced up the exterior of a 63-story luxury hotel known as the Address Downtown in Dubai. The city’s midnight fireworks display proceeded on schedule despite the simultaneous high-rise fire. For recent IFW articles on the dangers associated with external cladding, CLICK HERE.  
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