Industrial Fire World - Blog - Chris Ferrara honored with 2019 Red Adair Award

Chris Ferrara honored with 2019 Red Adair Award

presentation Dwight Williams, David White, Chris Ferrara and Lynn White

Industrial Fire World magazine honored Chris Ferrara, owner of US Fire Pump, with its 2019 Red Adair Award Tuesday(July 16) in recognition of his accomplishments in improving fire equipment used in industrial firefighting.
"What a great honor," Ferrara said. "I'm glad to be in this industry and really make a difference."
The award, presented during the US Fire Pump 2019 Hospitality Night in College Station, TX.  recognizes leadership in dealing with industrial emergencies.Ferrara was formerly the owner of Ferrara Fire Apparatus in Holden, LA.
Adair, who died in August 2004 at age 89, was a highly respected leader in the specialized field of oil well firefighting. His lengthy career was capped in 1991 when he took a lead role in extinguishing the many oil well fires in Kuwait set by the retreating Iraqi army after the Gulf War.
“The greatest aspect of this award is its tie to Red,” IFW publisher David White said. “I presented the first Red Adair Award to Red himself in 1991.”
White, a former instructor at the Texas A&M Fire School, owns Fire & Safety Specialists, a training and consulting firm that has done work in China, India, Libya, South Africa and other foreign countries. As a firefighter, he also took an active role in handling logistics for the 1989 Pasadena, TX, chemical plant explosion and fire.
Industrial Fire World magazine is the only U.S. publication concerned strictly with response to industrial emergencies.

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