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Industrial Fire World has introduced our readers to innovations firefighters have developed to move their visions to realities for making firefighting safer.  Dwight Williams has patented over 52 of his inventions developed as a result of his analysis of incidents his team responded to and asked themselves “what if.”

Javier invented Roll-n-Rack that has made loading and unloading hose faster and safer.

How many times have you wished you had someone to hold a nozzle where you want it pointed so you could use your hands to close a valve or move something blocking your path?  You can do it now!  Ken Blocker has patented a new Aqua Blaster Fire Hose Carrier, (Patent#10,071,271).  His Fire Hose Carrier is a harness frame fire hose and nozzle combination that allows the end user of a charge fire hose to operate the fire hose and nozzle with less strain and stress on the body.

See what one person can do with this harness.

The harness frame of the Aqua Blaster harness is designed and constructed identical to the marching drum carriers that drummers use in marching bands to carry, balance, and support the weight of their drums. The harness frame allows larger and stronger lower and upper muscles to control the fire hose line and a charged fire nozzle while taking the strain off of your joints and back to advance and or maneuver the fire hose using your legs and torso.

The end user of the Fire Hose Carrier will also have an option of using an open or discharging fire nozzle hands free due to a push down locking clamp device that’s constructed on the harness frame’s belly plate for the nozzle elbow swivel.

The Aqua Blaster Fire Hose Carrier will soon be available on the market to industries and end users that use fire nozzles and fire hoses to carry out and accomplish a specific task. If you would like additional information pertaining to the development of my invention, feel free to contact me and or my manufacturer at your earliest convenience.

Ken Blocker

Inventor/ CEO


Ph. 803-422-9013

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Mark Schafer


MWS Manufacturing, Inc.

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Lake Geneva, WI 53147

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