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Blast Away Barriers to Reach Industrial Fire and Emergency Response Managers

Why Market Through Industrial Fire World?

Industrial Fire World has remained the primary marketing tool for reaching industrial fire and emergency response managers for over 30 years. We were founded by David White, who had a vision of making industrial fire and emergency response as safe as possible through timely delivery of reliable, real world expertise as well as research and testing updates.

Today's industrial fire and emergency response managers are subject to corporate mergers, downsizing, economy driven decisions and environmental and political policy directives. They work behind guarded gates and operate with a fraction of the personnel that they had five years ago to manage more tasks and policy compliance. They have designated budgets that give them the power to choose the products and services they believe best meet their needs rather than being driven by the lowest bid (as in the municipal fire service market). Industrial Fire World offers multiple marketing tools to let you choose and package the components that work best for your company.

What Marketing Tools are Available through IFW?

  • From 1/6 page to full page advertisements in black & white or color print

  • Classified Rates

  • Spotlight Ad

  • Online on our Website's Buyer's Guide

  • Online on our Website's Available Advertisement Placement
  • Mailing List Rental

  • Online on our Website's Training Calendar Submission

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What industries are served by IFW?

In addition to Industrial Fire World Magazine recipients, our database includes recipients of other IFW services. We deliver information to other industrial fire and emergency response managers through contracted training, consulting and specialized services. Our total market penetration data includes about 16,000 people in a wide range of industrial categories. View potential marketing categories for industries, targeted job titles or markets in specific regions and states. 

The following are among the companies whose fire and emergency response managers are in our database:

Air Production 
Alyeska Pipeline 
Amoco Oil 
Boeing Aircraft 
BP International 
BP Oil 
Champion Int’l 
Champion Paper 
Chevron USA 
Condea Vista Chemical 
Dow Chemical 
Dow Corning 
DSM Chemical 
Duke Energy 
DynMcdermott Petro 
Eastman Kodak 
El Dupont – Sabine River 
Elkhart Brass 
Enterprise Production 
Equistar Chemical 
Fire Protection
Fire Safety 
First Chemical Corp.
Formosa Chemical 
Fulton Fire Engineering 
General Electric 
General Motors 
Hughes Aircraft 
Indian Refining 
International Paper 
Jack Daniel’s 
Johnson & Johnson 
Koch Refining 
Marathon Oil 
Montrose Fire & Emergency 
Oscar Mayer 
Performance Corp. 
Philadelphia Lightning & Power 
Reed Tool 
Rollins Environmental Services 
Texas Instruments 
U.S. Steel 
Warren Petroleum 


How do you define qualified recipients?

Qualified recipients are individuals who have requested to receive Industrial Fire World magazine personally or through their fire and emergency response manager. Professional fire and emergency response associations may submit their membership annually to request approval for their members to receive the magazine as an association benefit. 

Qualified recipients are emergency management personnel, fire protection management, hazardous materials and EMS personnel, industrial fire chiefs and firefighters, and professionals in related careers. Other qualified recipients include engineers with responsibilities in industrial fire loss management or fire and safety education, consultants, fire equipment and fire apparatus manufacturers, safety directors, and training and education institution faculty and students. Corporate and educational librarians are among the qualified recipients, maintaining reference copies for long-term access to your product information. 

Industrial Fire World is circulated internationally. Of 16,000 recipients per issue, an average of 1,000 copies are distributed to requesting training facilities for specific classroom and student use, and selected issues are distributed during targeted conferences.

What is the Industrial Fire World Training & Exposition? How is it different from other fire trade shows?

From 1985 to 2011, Industrial Fire World hosted a spring conference and exposition in Gulf Coast cities where there was a large industrial presence, a facility accessible for live burn demonstrations if needed, and support from an alliance of industrial fire and emergency response managers whose plants were located in the area. ?The focus of the conference provided industrial fire and emergency response professionals a special time and place to learn from one another, discuss issues impacting their responsibilities, and see the latest in resources to help them. Since 2011, a shift in training focus to Pro-Board required training, changes in plant security needs, and other factors made it too difficult for enough people to participate to make the EXPO cost-effective.

In response to questions from past participants and exhibitors about when we will have the next IFW EXPO, we are providing a "virtual IFW EXPO" through the new Hot Topics featured on our web site. Our goal is to change topics weekly. Let us know your issues or questions you would like to have featured. EXPO exhibitors are replaced by our Hot Topic Sponsors. They provide information to open the discussion on the topic and share product information regarding how they are addressing the issue. The blog feature of each topic gives you a place to share information and questions on the topic with your peers, or contact links by the sponsor can be used to contact them directly for more information.

Join IFW, the Hot Topic sponsors and your peers by choosing the Virtual IFW EXPO sessions you attend on the dates that fit your schedule! We look forward to your input and participation. Send your questions to Lynn White, at

How do I rent the Industrial Fire World mailing list?

Industrial Fire World's mailing list may be rented by contacting Lynn White. Industrial Fire World has focused on building and maintaining a viable database of industrial fire and emergency response managers worldwide. 

The Industrial Fire World mailing list is never released to a contract user. Admail, a Bryan, Texas, based contract mailing service is the only accepted bulk mailing service. They can assist you in merging other lists you may have with the one you buy from IFW to remove duplications. Our data is updated daily and submitted to a NCOA search prior to every mailing. Our readership is a dynamic market and we work hard to keep the database current and in compliance with postal service format requirements. 

The database can be rented for a fee of $100 per 1,000 names. All postage and handling charges are billed by and mailed directly to Admail. To give you an estimate of postage and handling charges, Admail needs to know the length, width and weight of the items to be mailed, how many, and if you will have your bulk mail permit printed on it or will use theirs. Contact Lynn White at for a mailing list contract with complete instructions

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