New AR-AFFF hits industrial fire market

    Success is accomplishing a particular objective, goal or aim. Failure is the inability to achieve success. In industrial firefighting, the main factor that distinguishes the two is the selection of tools, industrial fire protection giant Dwight Williams told firefighters in October. “Bottom line, what’s the difference between you and me?” Williams asked. “I’m a little older, a little taller maybe than some of you, but not any smarter or braver. It’s the selection of tools and equipment that makes the difference.” Successful extinguishment is the value of the product saved being greater than the cost of extinguishment, including lost time injuries, Williams told firefighters attending the US Fire Pump Big Water Symposium in Baton Rouge. Just being on hand when the fire finally goes out does not count as a success, he said. With more than 100 major industrial emergency operations to his credit, Williams joined with US Fire...
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Dwight Williams returns to fire protection with Signature series foam product

  HOLDEN, LA – US Fire Pump is proud to announce the release of Dwight Williams' newest product, Signature Series Foam.   Dwight Williams has over 100 major successful operations of extinguishment and control of hazardous situations under his belt, including two of the largest, extinguished tank fires this nation has seen – Orion Refinery in New Orleans, LA and Tenneco Refinery in Chalmette, LA. Additionally, with Dwight Williams’ leadership his team pioneered the development of specialized equipment and methodology so unique they were patented during his ownership of a large, industrial firefighting company. Dwight re-defined extinguishment by making it faster and safer with less exposure to the firefighter.   Dwight has always “Thought Outside the Box” and is continuing to develop new products that reduce risk, minimize exposure and save life and property. His new foam product is a testament to that fact. Dwight has been working diligently to develop...
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