Citgo cuts production at Illinois refinery amid extreme cold

Citgo Petroleum cut production at its 167,000 barrel-per-day refinery in Lemont (Other OTC:  LEMT  -  news ) , Illinois, on Wednesday due to issues related to the extreme cold weather, a source familiar with the plant's operations said. The Midwest region has suffered a spate of unexpected refinery outages in recent days that has pushed up cash prices for refined products. A large swath of the United States was gripped by brutal cold and wind chills on Wednesday as record-low temperatures caused by a blast of Arctic air moved across the Midwest and into Eastern states, prompting residents to stay indoors. To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.    
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Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery helps keep Whatcom County safe

  Whatcom County, WA - Over the years, Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery and their employees have done a lot to help Whatcom County.   To read the rest of this article, CLICK HERE .
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Phillips 66 tracks firefighters' cardiac health

    Medical surveillance is the analysis of health information to uncover problems in the workplace. For Timothy Raycob, director of compliance for medical surveillance at Phillips 66, much of the job means closely monitoring personnel for exposure to hazardous materials.   “We have more than 9,000 people in Phillips 66 who are enrolled in various regulatory programs,” Raycob said. “With specific hazards, they have to get exams at specific frequencies. I’m responsible for tracking compliance.”   Carcinogens such as benzene and organic lead rank highest on Raycob’s watch list. But in 2012, Stephen Pepper, Phillips 66 director of crisis management HSE compliance and services, asked him to extend monitoring to include hazards common to industrial firefighting – heat and stress.     “He asked us to develop a medical rehab and monitoring program for his crisis management schools, which include the corporate fire and rescue school,” Raycob said.   Trained...
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Apparatus makers participate in Hellfighter U foam training

A recently sold Sutphen SAI-110-foot aerial was only one of four industrial fire apparatus utilized in live-fire training scenarios in December during the Hellfighter U foam fire school at Brayton Fire Training Field in Texas. The original game plan was to use the aerial to rescue a fallen firefighter from one of the higher elevations of Brayton’s chemical complex, a full-scale, live-fire simulation of an emergency in a multi-level industrial structure, said Jim Kirvida, factory representative for Wisconsin-based Custom Fire. “We were going to rescue the little dummy made up from hose lines and old bunker gear,” he said. “ Making the situation even more dramatic, the training was done at night. Unfortunately, what Kirvida arrived with was a “straight stick” aerial with no platform at the end.  “You can do rescues using an aerial without a platform but it takes more equipment than was immediately available,” Kirvida said. Plans were...
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