Foam partners test fluorine/non fluorine foams at Beaumont fire school

Legendary industrial firefighter Dwight Williams is proposing a compromise. If he pulls it off, it could be a major step forward in resolving the irreconcilable controversy over the continued use of fluorinated chemicals in firefighting foam. Dwight P. Williams and US Fire Pump used the 42-foot diameter storage tank project at the newly reopened International Rescue Training Field in Beaumont, TX to test his fluorinated 1 x 3 AR-AFFF Signature series foam using the US Fire Pump Defender fixed appliance. With nearly a minute of pre-burn before application of the foam the fire was totally extinguished in two minutes and 43 seconds using the single Defender appliance.  Foam was metered with a 1½-inch line educator moving 125 gpm set at one percent. “Although this was impressive, our application rate was only .07,” Williams said “If our application rate was up to about .10 it puts the fire out a lot quicker.”...
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Meet the Formulator: Fluorine foams remain indispensable to industrial firefighting, expert says

Hubert Mitch Hubert
Opponents of firefighting foam containing fluorinated chemicals fail to fairly weigh the overwhelming benefits of these products against evidence that exposure can ultimately lead to adverse health effects in humans, said Mitch Hubert, a leading chemist or “formulator” working in this specialized market. Speaking to an international audience of industrial fire responders in October, Hubert said that fluorinated foams are under attack from an environmental standpoint on a worldwide basis.  “That has really led us to a crossroads in the firefighting foam industry,” he said. “Do we stay with fluorinated foams or go to non-fluorinated foams? There are advantages and disadvantages on both sides of that argument.” Chief among the disadvantages for industrial firefighters is the lack of a substantial track record of success using non-fluorinated foam, Hubert said. “Fluorine free foams have not proven to be as effective in large catastrophic fire,” he said. “This is much of what the...
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